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Solar Shades
Like Sunglasses for your Windows

Why choose Solar shades?

Solar Shades are designed to protect your home or office from the harmful effects of sunlight, while preserving the view of the outdoors. Give your space a flattering glow without compromising your view to the outside. Perfect solution for living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and home theaters. They also work great in commercial settings, such as office buildings, restaurants and schools.

Reasons you will love solar shades:

  • Reduces heat transfer, preserving heat in winter and cool in summer.
  • Minimize annoying glare from the sun, makes working in an office with sun exposure bearable. And unlike blackout shades, solar shades preserve a dramatic view of the outdoors.
  • Lessen TV and computer glare.
  • Blocks 90% of harmful UV rays, protecting your valuable surfaces.
  • Various levels of opacity (openness) to get the right amount of light blocking for your space.
  • Material options – Lighter materials block more heat and offer less daytime view, while darker materials give maximum glare reduction and better view-through during the day.
  • Cordless controls or motorization options available (pet & child safety features).
  • Decorative cassettes come in your choice of color or fabric.