The Best Ever!


Submitted by: Eileen - Omaha, Nebraska

The best ever! I had been wanting room darkening blinds for almost 25 years. Randy and Kim are a terrific team! I ordered 4 teak smart privacy blinds which Randy installed 4 days ago. They look perfect in my home, just beautiful, both open and closed, I find myself staring, admiring them. But, the real reason why I bought them, for room darkness was truly tested the evening after Randy installed them. In the middle of my now, almost pitch black room (pesky LED lights, etc), I was peacefully sleeping when I was awoken by the ‘psooosh’ air from a large vehicle’s brakes. I looked at my watch, 2:09 am. Two hook and ladder fire trucks, a fire chief car all out front of the house next door. I only know this because I got up to peek outside. I was amazed because with my old blinds I would have seen the red white and blue migraine flashing lights on my ceiling and through the blinds while never leaving my bed. I couldn’t see any of the lights with my new blinds!! Passed 100%! So exciting! I think we may be replacing the rest of our blinds 🙂