Drapery, draperies, side panels, curtains

Drapery – Statement or Subtle

Lately I have seen a resurgence in drapery, the original window treatment. This trend makes my job more exciting. There are traditional and trending ways you can incorporate beautiful fabrics into your decor through soft window treatments. Now, don’t just think drapery are only for offering a designer’s touch. Drapery also provide wonderful insulation against the elements, light control, privacy, beauty and texture.  If you’ve lived in Nebraska a while you’ll agree, Nebraska has a good measure of both heat and cold. Insulation alone is a wonderful perk!

When thinking of soft treatment options, you may immediately be drawn to the idea of pulling a room together using textures, colors and sometimes patterns. You can also tie several rooms together by using complimentary fabrics in adjoining rooms. Draperies can also be a focal point of a room. After all, it’s your preference, statement or subtle?

soft treatments, drapery, curtains, side panels