Commercial Solar Shades

Block the Sun not the View

The sun is powerful and anyone who has lived or worked where there are a lot of windows can attest to the high temperatures and brightness that permeates your environment. Most want to control the sunlight without eliminating it all together. The perfect solution is solar shades. They allow you to see out, control the glare, reduce heat and block UV rays. There are many solar shade styles available, literally an option for everyone.

The US Department of Energy estimates that 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. It’s also reported that a startling 76% of sunlight enters through windows to become heat. How do you reduce heating and cooling costs, block glare and harmful ultraviolet rays? Solar shades block the sun but not the view, allowing you to still enjoy nature and the outdoors. By adding solar shades to your windows, you can block 90 plus percent of the harmful UV rays that fade your flooring and furniture plus you can reap the advantage of reducing cooling costs.

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